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Bedroom Vamp Up

Published on 06/01/2017 Contributor: Kevin O'Gara

Ladies and Gents, get ready to be inspired! This is the room of Kevin’s sister, that needed a little DIY make-over when she went to college. Kevin took the initiative and totally vamped up his sister’s room. He settled  on a green, blue and gold palette with some fabulous upgrades to give it a more adult feeling. Look at the amazing result and get inspired to do a room make-over yourself over the summer!

Also note the Prettypegs table legs used on the desk, these are the forest green Estelle 700 table legs. Don’t they add some extra flair to the room?

Shop the look here: ESTELLE 700 FOREST GREEN

Kevin O'Gara

Kevin O'Gara


Guys, saddle up and prepare to be amazed! This youngster has been gathering design inspiration ever since he was a teenager. Pair this up with attending design school and we are already searching for the follow button. Sign us up!


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