Making Ordinary Extraordinary!

Published on 05/10/2017 Contributor: Virginie Peny

"Have you have ever dreamed of a unique home decoration by transforming  already  available  elements? Whether it’s for your home, or for your work space: your basic furniture can get that stylish embellishment and the timeless design it needs. It particularly works well with IKEA items! It has cool pieces and it doesn’t break the bank either. Pair that up with a little DIY and there you have it: personalization done by small means.

It was all colors, shapes and a lot of fun from there. Creative projects emerged, crafty collaborations took place and beautiful pegs were made reality. Their Nordic style pegs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to fit most IKEA storage, sofa, bed and tables and give each piece a more personal touch. Whether you are crafty or not, these pegs are easy to mount using a universal fitting plate, easy to handle and fun to look at." said Virginie.

And we are most excited to hear such lovely words.

Up-cycling is indeed our middle name. Makeovers are our mission. And pastels tell our story. We are always up for getting our hands dirty with a piece of old and dusty furniture. You name it: paint, wallpaper, textile, everything that gets our creative juices flowing. By choosing to upgrade by small means, anything can result into a beautiful piece that is unique and personal.

Virginie Peny

Virginie Peny


Inspiring, experiencing, creating. This is how Virginie describes her journey with exploring the creative world of DIY by drawing inspiration from nature's shapes, colors and textures.


Instagram: @virginiepeny


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