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From old chest to stylish bench

Published on 01/31/2017 Contributor: Prettypegs

Designer hands on second hand - an upcycling collab between vintage store Myrorna and some of sweden's most creative designers.


Ladies and gents, get ready for some serious upcycling! Now, we love a good second hand store, you never know how an old piece of furniture can surprise you. Teaming up with Myrorna and a bunch of creative designers we got into the fabulous DIY mood for a cool workshop in Stockholm.

We wanted to take an old, classic chest and give it a whole new purpose. And a not too shabby look if we might say so. Using some vivid wallpaper and brass pegs, we created a bench that can spice up any dull hallway. And the storage underneath is a nice surprise for the whole family since it can easily hide away all of the pieces that usually are tossed around the house. And all we had to do was to divide it up into 3 new open spaces and voila!


Shopping list:

✓ cute wallpaper from Boråstapeter Lexington collection and adhesive

✓ sandpaper

✓ cute (and dusty) chest

✓ Estelle 220 Teak and Brass pegs

When using wooden pieces, be sure to sand paper the sides before applying paint of adding wallpaper. In our case we added adhesive and just played with wallpaper on the sides of the chest. We then went to add 2 pieces of plywood dividers inside. Attach our lovely pegs, with their fitting plates of course and you’re done in half an hour tops!

So we hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as we did! Saw something that you like? The bench is available for auction starting February 1st, with all profits going to the Salvation Army's social work. 
Sponsored by: Fredells Byggvaruhus, Stockholm
In collaboration with: Myrorna, swedish second hand store
Creative hands: the Prettypegs Team

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