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Published on 01/25/2017 Contributor: Pernilla Jansson

Ladies and gents, get ready for some serious upcycling! Now, we love a good second hand store, you never know how an old piece of furniture can surprise you. Teaming up with Myrorna and a bunch of creative designers we got into the fabulous DIY mood for a cool workshop in Stockholm. 

Going back to school was always something we dreaded after a long and warm summer vacation. But Pernilla is here to spice it up a bit with a school desk like you've never seen before. You can also be creative thanks to the super cool blackboard paint all over the desk. And it has some storage underneath so it really is an old school model!


The best part of this makeover is just being able to see the smile on kids faces when they see this cool piece. They might just start to like going to school from now on.

Gear up and let's go shopping:

✓ an old school desk

✓ blackboard paint

✓ brush/roller

✓ sandpaper

✓ Harald 480 Black steel pegs

We start by sandpapering the surface of the desk that we will later paint. Let's folow Pernilla in her creative process:

We of course asked Pernilla for some of her best advice when tacking on thrift shopping:

1. Why do you consider upcycling important and why do you like it?

For the sake of the environment, it is obviously very important that we use what we have and not just consume. Putting our  own stamp on an old piece of furniture also creates a more personal style of each of our homes.

2. What are the 3 top things to look for when shopping in a second hand store?

I like to shop chairs, vases and candlesticks.

3. What are your favorite accessories/tools to use when doing a DIY project?

Color, sandpaper and accessories such as handles, new pegs, leather details.

4. What do you think are some interesting trends to follow up in vintage shopping?

Different materials such as marble, brass and beautiful woods.

So we hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as we did! Saw something that you like? The school desk is available for auction starting February 1st, with all profits going to the Salvation Army's social work. 
Sponsored by: Fredells Byggvaruhus, Stockholm
In collaboration with: Myrorna, swedish second hand store
Creative hands: Interior Designer Pernilla Jansson

Pernilla Jansson

Pernilla Jansson

They say if you have a creative side you will never get bored. And it’s always fun to meet someone who can turn an everyday piece to a chic statement and still have some time left for a good book and some coffee.

Website: pernillasinteriör
Instagram: @pernillasinterior

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