Cool Living Room Makeover

Published on 01/11/2017 Contributor: Äntligen hemma

Everybody wishes that a designer could just swoop in and redo their home while they are somewhere chillin'. Sounds dreamy! Well, until that happens to us we can at least enjoy a good make over from Antligen Hemma. A few easy steps later and this living room has a whole new vibrant look. All it takes is a little imagination. 

Check it out: Living room redo

We love the way this new TV stand has enough storage, hides the TV so that it doesn't take up all the space and still leaves some room for decoration. 

Shop the look here: Otto 100 pegs

Äntligen hemma

Äntligen hemma


Äntligen hemma is a Swedish TV show on TV4 about home improvement. The show includes DIY interior decorating ideas for home owners with a very creative take on how to make the most of your home using easy tips and tricks. And of course having fun in the process!



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