To Die For By Colby

Published on 11/01/2016 Contributor: Colby Tice Jaimerena

Now this is one hot mommy. Needless to say why. Just check out her instagram profile and get ready to be amazed by luxurious designs and lavish pieces of furniture. Way to get creative, we are truly inspired and happy to be a part of her home. And we are now huge fans of her bohemian eclectic style!

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Colby Tice Jaimerena

Colby Tice Jaimerena


This is one lady that has been inspired by all that is crafty and bold ever since she was a kid. And she does not hold back on the bold! Her designs are filled with geometric art, vibrant patterns and plenty creativity to go around! Follow her hastag: #CurrentDesignSituation for more inspiring interiors. 


Instagram: @colby_tice

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