An array of irregular stripes that will give your Bestå that sharp and sophisticated look with a sense of sculptural fluidity.

Adhesive front layers for IKEA Bestå Storage fronts. 
The sheets are only mountable on flat surfaces fronts from IKEA, these are Selsviken, Laxviken, Valviken, Grundsviken, Inviken, Kallviken. 
Dimensions: Fits Bestå fronts size 600x380 mm / Inches: 23 5/8" x 15”.
Thickness of front layers - only 2,5mm / 0.01"
Material: MDF wood

Our distribution partner for International shipments and the North American market is Fedex.

1.Gently remove the thin protection film from the backside of your front sheet. 2. Attach the front sheet directly onto the door of your Bestå storage. Make sure the surface is clean and dry.

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USD 34 / 1 front


Out Of Stock due to high impact of sales. We are currently doing everything we can getting more fronts ready for you

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