Maren Kruth

Meet Maren - a designer and illustrator living in Münster, Germany. At a very young age, she started her career in the fashion industry. Her passion in drawing and love for colors and graphic design made her what she is today; a truly gifted artist.

To create a personal home, Maren loves to combine old and new. She loves hunting for unique treasures at flea markets and using them to add that personal twist that tells a story.

Maren loves to experiment with different elements to achieve awe-inspiring designs. - Just like the hack she did with the IKEA Moppe drawer and Prettypegs Barbro legs!

IKEA Moppe drawer hack

For Maren, the IKEA Moppe shelf has always been part of her life. As a little girl, she used it to store her keepsakes, such as beads and other craft materials. Now, she takes inspiration from her 3-year-old daughter as they use the Moppe drawer for organizing children’s books. 

Glamming the Moppe drawer with Prettypegs Barbro legs and stripes in a beautiful pattern, surely added that unique and personal touch to her daughter’s room. With simple and easy hacks, the Barbro legs highlighted the beauty of the shelf.

Barbro 100 Ash natural

Barbro 100

195.00 SEK

How to do the hack

The IKEA Moppe drawer is such a versatile drawer. And just like Maren, you may have one in need of a little TLC. If not, then looking for a secondhand is also great, and glam it up with Prettypegs Barbro legs for a more spectacular view in your room. Here’s how to do the hack: 

1. Remove the drawers.

2. Make the necessary measurements where the tapes should be placed to cover the areas where you don’t want to be painted.

3. Choose your favorite paint color. In this hack, Maren used a darker shade of red to add a striped pattern. 

4. Attach the Prettypegs furniture legs Barbro legs to the back side of the IKEA drawer, in this case using mounting glue since the back of the drawer is too thin to fasten our universal fitting plate with screws.  

5. Place it in your chosen spot in the room where you can store your books, magazines, and other belongings. 

6. Enjoy a good book with your toddler!