A Vibrant Nursery Transformation

Meet Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein, the visionary behind Atelier Akuko, a design studio born in 2020 as an extension of her psychology of fashion magazine, "Hajinsky."

More than design, Judith offers psychology-based insights that breathe life into spaces, unraveling the "why" behind every choice. Her mission? Crafting spaces that mirror her clients' stories, whether residential transformations or commercial havens. Atelier Akuko's acclaim in publications like Domino Magazine and Wallpaper Magazine speaks volumes about Judith's artistry.

In her Brighton apartment, shared with husband Timothy and son Philou, Judith lives by the mantra: "If I can't find it, I'll make it." This embodies her creativity, resilience, and the profound personal touch she brings to every creation.

DIY and IKEA Hacker Judith Achumba

"If I can't find it, I'll make it."

Judith Nursery

Celebrating Creativity and Functionality in a Vibrant IKEA Hack Nursery

When motherhood came into Judith's life, it brought about a transformation in her design preferences. Her energetic son, Philou, became the inspiration for a vibrant nursery in their Brighton rental home. Embracing a lively palette of colors, patterns, and shapes, she cultivated a space that resonated with his vivacious spirit, ensuring its adaptability for future changes.

By incorporating framed art, creative fabrics, and practical design solutions, she not only encouraged his exploration and self-expression but also created an environment where his boundless energy could thrive. This nursery transformation was not just about IKEA hacks, knobs, and furniture legs; it was a testament to Judith's ability to blend creativity and functionality while celebrating her son's lively nature.

Transforming Practicality into Style with an IKEA Platsa Hack

Combining practicality and aesthetics, Judith's IKEA Platsa cabinet hack, featuring vibrant round Otto legs and playful Bill knobs, infused creativity into functionality. This transformation not only addressed storage needs but also turned the cabinet into an artistic focal point.

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Otto 100 White

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

Bill 30Ø Cloudy Pink

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Bill 30Ø Graphite Green

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Bill 30Ø Teak finish

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

IKEA Platsa Hack
IKEA Hack Framed Art

Revitalizing Art and Play

Drawing inspiration from the art collected during Philou's initial year, Judith embarked on a creative journey. A framed Matisse print procured from a local flea market, birth announcement cards, and gallery leaflets from her expectant explorations laid the foundation. But the true showstopper of Philou's burgeoning art collection? Two IKEA-framed tea towels adorned with the enchanting work of Nigerian artist Yinka Ilori. Hung at a child-friendly level just above his play couch, these pieces beckoned Philou to engage with his surroundings, celebrating his cultural heritage and infusing the walls with a burst of color. It was a creative nursery transformation brought to life with an IKEA hack, blending artistic flair with practical design.

Dressing Up the Nursery: A Geometric IKEA Ivar Transformation

Patterns aren't limited to frames. To complement the organic shapes in Philou's art, a geometric fabric were applied to an IKEA Ivar unit using Mod Podge. The doors were replaced with curtains, indulging his love for opening and closing. The miniature closet concept aimed to encourage his outfit choices, though it's an ongoing process :)

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IKEA Ivar Hack

"My favourite IKEA hack has been my son’s cot with Prettypegs knobs used to create an illusion of a 4 poster bed"

IKEA Platsa Hack

Transforming the Sniglar Crib: An IKEA Hack with Playful Knobs

Choosing the wallet-friendly Sniglar crib from IKEA at $120, Judith transformed its basic look. Adding a coat of "Garden" paint from Little Greene and embracing a playful spirit, she attached Pretty Pegs' knobs to the corners, evoking a fun four-poster bed style.

For a finishing touch, she painted and affixed eaves fillers from the hardware store, usually meant for corrugated roofs, to the bottom ledge of the bed frame.

Big Bill 55Ø Ash natural

Big Bill 55Ø

99.00 SEK

Thank you for inspiring us Judith!

We take great joy in seeing our furniture legs and knobs come to life in Philou's lively nursery. Judith's ingenious use of our offerings is truly inspiring. Her ability to infuse creativity and functionality, all while celebrating her son's vivacious nature, is remarkable. Judith's nursery showcases the harmonious blend of design and practicality, turning a space into a dynamic and inviting haven.

IKEA Ivar Hack