To all our Nordic friends: Let us introduce Clas!

10 juil. 2023

Prettypegs Clas Collection

Renew something you already have or spruce up a thrift store find? At Prettypegs, we love to renew, create and transform. That's why we have collaborated with Clas Ohlson to create a completely unique collection of furniture legs and knobs. We call it Clas. With its clean design and stylish colors, Clas complements most furniture from IKEA, second-hand markets, and high-end stores. Because we want everyone to discover the joy of adding their personal touch. Scroll around and discover knobs, legs and handles from Clas - here. We hope you feel inspired! (And, of course, Clas Ohlson will have all the other accessories you will need for a furniture makeover too.)

The CUBE series from Clas Ohlson - Design your own modular shelf!

Prettypegs CUBE series from Clas Ohlson

With Clas Ohlson's CUBE series, a little paint, stylish legs and knobs from the Clas series, you can easily design a unique modular shelf that perfectly suits your home!

Since the CUBE series is made of untreated wood, they are perfect for staining, varnishing, or painting i colors that match and tie together the rest of your interior.

Sometimes, you also want to be able to store away items for a calmer impression. That's why we took a shelf from the CUBE series and attached it as a door using edge hinges before screwing on the Clas knob from Prettypegs in brass. - Voilá - now you have both open and closed storage that provides a calm and stylish impression.

Here's what you'll need: 1. Cubes from Clas Ohlson's CUBE series. 2. For doors: choose Cube shelves. 3. 4mm wood drill bit for attaching the knob. 4. Edge hinges. 5. Paint + rollers. We chose Clas Ohlson's semi-gloss paint. 6. Furniture brackets to secure the cubes to the wall. 7. Prettypegs furniture legs and knobs.

DIY CUBE Modular shelf

Here's how you do it: 1. Assemble the cubes. 2. For doors: Measure and cut the shelves. Attach the edge hinges. 3. Paint and let it dry. 4. Attach Prettypegs legs with the included wood screws. 5. Drill a 4mm hole in the door and attach the knob according to the instructions. 6. Secure the cubes to the wall with furniture brackets to minimize the risk of tipping. 7. Style it with your finest belongings!


Notre fierté est d'être à l'avant-garde d'un nouvel élément de design dans le domaine de la décoration intérieure : les pieds de meubles ! Ce détail fondamental a été mis de côté pendant trop longtemps et reçoit maintenant l'attention qu'il mérite. passionnés par les détails et le design, et nous savons à quel point un accessoire unique, comme un bijou ou une chaussure, peut rehausser la personnalité. Il en va de même pour les meubles.