Fancy A Cool TV Stand?

Publié le 2016-12-06 Collaborateur Ilaria Chiaratti

A simple Ikea Ivar cabinet getting a cool makeover. If you are like Ilaria and hate the standard TV stand then this is the perfect little project for you. All you need is a quick trip to Ikea and some pretty pegs of course. 

Shop the look here: Siri 160 Coral Pink

Want to spice it up a little bit? Let's get to the creative part. Just trace your favorite shapes with a pencil and then fill them in with some cool paint colors. It's that easy. Oh, and definitely fun!

Ilaria Chiaratti

Ilaria Chiaratti


All the way from Italy, Ilaria has a really cool and fresh style. And certainly an eye for photography we might add. We love her good vibes that spread all throughout her feed and the burst of colors that invade your eyes from the start.



Instagram: @idainteriorlifestyle

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