25 mai 2023

Want to personalize your furniture or change your interior, but don’t want to buy new furniture? Here is some great inspiration by Sophie on how to easily decorate your chest of drawers, cupboards, cabinets etc, without having to buy new furniture. 

In this blogpost the example is the Ikea Bestå, but these DIYs can be applied on any piece of furniture.

All you need is a striped piece of fabric to recreate the look below. Cut out the fabric in any size you want, and staple it via the inside of the cabinet door. A manual stapler is perfect for this hack, its cheap and often available for rent in a lot of hardware stores. Of course there are no limits to the creativity of the choice of fabric. It makes sense to recycle old dust scraps you have laying around (Upcycling!). This fabric with black and white stripes fits with everything!


Sophie still had some teddy plush fabric laying around from one of her other DIY projects (check it out here!). Teddy plush is currently not only popular in fashion, you see the fabric everywhere in furniture. This is of course a matter of taste, as with all things, but we love this trend! The fabric is slightly thicker, and the result looks super cool.

Ikea Bestå DIY with Teddy plush

If you don't like teddy plush or other fabrics on your dresser, an easy-to-implement alternative is:Masking Tape! The paper tape is available in all imaginable colors and designs. And another great advantage is that it can be changed and removed at will!

IKEA Bestå hack

Check out her whole tutorial here!


Notre fierté est d'être à l'avant-garde d'un nouvel élément de design dans le domaine de la décoration intérieure : les pieds de meubles ! Ce détail fondamental a été mis de côté pendant trop longtemps et reçoit maintenant l'attention qu'il mérite. passionnés par les détails et le design, et nous savons à quel point un accessoire unique, comme un bijou ou une chaussure, peut rehausser la personnalité. Il en va de même pour les meubles.