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Flea Market Finds Look Amazing!

Published on 10/28/2016 Contributor: Bettina Holst


Ladies and gents, locate your nearest flea market and get creative! At least that’s what Bettina did with this antique glazing window and our Estelle table legs. The result? An amazing combination and an even more amazing desk to brighten up your home. Working at home just became more fun ;)

Shop the look: Estelle 700 Ash


We just love a good make over! And if it happens to be with a flea market find then even better. We teamed up with this lovely lady and Sadolin paints to add a little flavour to a piece of furniture in need of a little razzle dazzle. Great before and after pics!

Shop the look: ESTELLE 700 ASH

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Bettina Holst

Bettina Holst


This lovely lady has been all about arts, painting and drawing ever since she can remember holding a pencil. Her amazing colors are brought to life by a vivid sense of abstract that takes a hold of her world and that can bring a cheerful vibe to any interior.


Website: www.bettinaholst.dk

Instagram: @bettinaholst

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