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Sadolin - Colour Me Pretty!

Published on 10/27/2016 Contributor: Elin Wallin

So grab you sandpapers ladies and gents and let’s get to work! This old tabletop got a brand new youthful look and we think it looks at least 10 years younger, don’t you agree? Thanks to the lavish colors from Sadolin and the chic brass inserts from our pegs , the end result is an eclectic piece to enjoy endless gossip over coffee. Or tea. We don’t judge ;)

Shop the look here: Estelle 480 White

vsco-photo-1.jpgAnd the good news is that you can use this little piece by the fireplace, on the patio, by the side of the sofa, everywhere. It's the perfect burst of color for the eye!


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Elin Wallin

Elin Wallin


For Swedish stylist Elin Wallin, getting her hands dirty is no problem. Her daily to do’s are slightly different than those of your typical mommy. DIY projects, repurposed furniture, makeovers, are all checked out with enthusiasm. And being a stylist makes for the perfect way to present the end results. So here's to a brand new and creative day!


Website: www.studioelwa.se

Instagram: @studioelwa

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