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Kiddos taking over interiors!

Published on 04/26/2017 Contributor: Lisa Janvrin

It all started with a trip to a local thrift shop. Lisa's creativity spoke to her when she saw this little piece in a corner of the shop. And it was on sale too, what luck! So what can you do with an old table and especially for a kid's room? Well, stick around and you'll see.


Finding the perfect pegs wasn't difficult. Some powder blue paint for the top with a dash of bronze on the bottom and we had the stars to this cute makeover.

Shop the look here: Harald 480 Old Bronze and Sigrid 300 RAW


What she used:

-sandpaper (for the table tops)

-powder blue paint and rollers 

-bronze spary paint (for the raw pegs)

-electricall drill for mounting

-playful stensils to add a dash of kid friendly shapes

And voila: cute play table and matching stool for fun times with the little ones! 


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Lisa Janvrin

Lisa Janvrin


A travel enthusiast and experience junky, Lisa has taken her talent within multiple design fields and her love for anything creative to gather it up in her own passion, interiors. And DIY is in her blood too. Perfect match.


Instagram: @youthfulnest

Website: www.youthfulnest.com

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