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DIY. easy as pie.

Published on 03/30/2017 Contributor: VL Design

Ever wanted to get into the DIY vibe and create your own unique piece but then realised you also have no clue where to start? No worries, VL design has the perfect solution for this. Bring your old piece of furniture to them and after a little design TLC, you can have a wonderful new piece just by adding a few creative touches. 

A splash of color, done. New pegs, easy. Fabulous fronts, of course. And we just love their pairing with some of our most popular pegs.

Shop the look here: Dagmar 170 Ash

Shop the look here: Sigrid 300 Teak

Shop the look here: Hillevi 170 Teak

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VL Design

VL Design


Welcome to a small swedish shop that turns your old furniture into a new piece by adding a dash of uniqueness and bringing a fresh look. Needless to say, their cute ideas work wonders with our pegs!


Instagram: @vldesign_

Website: www.vldesign.se

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