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Spring makeover - coming right up!

Published on 03/14/2017 Contributor: Ida Hansson

We just love those spring vibes with fresh air and greens everywhere. And you definitely know it's spring when it's time for that makeover you postponed the whole winter. 

Ida tapped into her creativity and transformed her kid's room into a playful and very scandinavian inspired interior that is both intimate and inviting at the same time.

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A dash of baby blue, some pretty patterns and of course some upholstering. This daybed was given it's spark back by adding new fabric and a bunch of cute pillows to brighten up the place.

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Ida Hansson

Ida Hansson


Scandinavian design is amazing! And we’re not just saying that because we are swedish. We represent the simplicity yet uniqueness of a worldwide phenomenon that Ida Hansson also decided to explore in her own creative style. So say hello to flea market finds or as we swedes know it loppis and enjoy the mix and match that will brighten up your home.


Website: www.nordicremake.se

Instagram: @nordic_remake

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