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We love dinner time!

Published on 02/15/2017 Contributor: Rowena Donker

Oh, yes, white and black looks stylish anytime-anywhere! So we love how the metal pegs complete the wooden board to make for a cozy nook and with a view to go with it. 

And it's all done under 5 minutes with a couple of crafty hands, a drill and good old Harald peg.

Shop the look here: Harald 700 Black

Pairing up contemporary pieces with vintage accents is always a sight for sore eyes. So don't go and throw away that old wardrobe in the corner of the room, just grab some fresh paint and give it a little makeover. It will surely bring a cool vibe to your home.

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Rowena Donker

Rowena Donker


Interior decorator, stylist and blogger, Rowena really has a "proud house" to show up for it.  Her feed is just inspiring and is giving us some major interior design envy. Maybe it's the nordic style or the clean whites, but something is definitely speaking to us.


Website: www.houseproud-interior.com

Instagram: @rohouseproud

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