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Welcome back retro!

Published on 01/25/2017 Contributor: Prettypegs

Designer hands on second hand - an upcycling collab between vintage store Myrorna and some of sweden's most creative designers.


Ladies and gents, get ready for some serious upcycling! Now, we love a good second hand store, you never know how an old piece of furniture can surprise you. Teaming up with Myrorna and a bunch of creative designers we got into the fabulous DIY mood for a cool workshop in Stockholm. 

We love upcycling! And of course we had to get our hands a little dirty with our own piece! So what better project than a little scandinavian retro that will surely brighten up any bedroom. Grey green, copper touches and some good old cork, just for the fun of it. And we did just that. Have fun that is. 

Here is our star of the day. Of course, before we got our hands on it. And, there you go.




We did a little bit of shopping before. Here is what we got:

✓ an old sofa table

✓ paint and rollers

✓ sandpaper

✓ copper handles

✓ Sigrid 300 Raw pegs

✓ rolled up cork, a few mm thin

✓ glue

We just used a screwdriver and a hammer to take apart the old handles and the two middle pieces from the table. We were in luck since they were separated so no holes on the sides for us. Yey! Then we sandpapered a bit on the surface so that we can start painting both furniture and pegs in the lovely grey-ish green color. 


Using a little bit of glue we were able to fix the cork in place, on top of the night stands as well as on the the top part of the pegs.

So we hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as we did! Saw something that you like? The night stands are available for auction starting February 1st, with all profits going to the Salvation Army's social work. 
Sponsored by: Fredells Byggvaruhus, Stockholm
In collaboration with: Myrorna, swedish second hand store
Creative hands: the Prettypegs Team

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