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Upholstered stool - YES please!

Published on 01/25/2017 Contributor: Ida Hansson

Designer hands on second hand - an upcycling collab between vintage store Myrorna and some of sweden's most creative designers.


Ladies and gents, get ready for some serious upcycling! Now, we love a good second hand store, you never know how an old piece of furniture can surprise you. Teaming up with Myrorna and a bunch of creative designers we got into the fabulous DIY mood for a cool workshop in Stockholm. 

For one of our little projects we let Ida's imagination run wild with an old dusty stool and the end results are just so scandi-awesome!

Her take on this piece was to show how easy it is to create something beautiful just by adding a few touches. And here she chose lively patterns on a new upholstering and our cute diamond shaped peg, Doris that added a little spark to the ensemble.


Having a pair of crafty hands also comes in handy when tackling such a project. And Ida is a natural with the stapler. So, if you want to recreate this look here is what might do the trick:

✓ cute fabric to spice it up

✓ stylish Doris 100 pegs (+ our universal fitting plates to attach easily with a drill)

✓ stapler, with at least 5 mm staples to keep the fabric tight in place

✓ hammer, to set in the staples better

✓ leather strip for the handle

✓ and some excitement to spare

And there you go! Start by tearing up the old fabric to make room for the new additions and follow Ida's crafty hands below for the creation process.

We took a few minutes to pick Ida's mind so that we can get some cool tips on how to plan for our next upcycling project. Check it out:

1. Why do you consider upcycling important and why do you like it?
I just love upcycling! When I choose to buy second hand rather than brand new stuff I get a much more personal style in my interior projects. It saves the world, our nature and of course money. I even get a chance to let my creativity bloom when I create something new by mixing old things, new colours and details like Prettypegs!
2. What are the 3 top things to look for when shopping in a second hand store?
I always look for chairs, they are so easy to re-make with both colour and textiles. In my home I have all kind off different second hand chairs around our dining table.
I also look for other furniture like bureaus and tables. Especially things that I can upcycle in an easy way like changing legs, fittings and adding a new color.
When I come to smaller details I always look for Swedish crafts, like things made of birch, leather or other natural materials. I love to involve those kind of things into a modern interior.
3. What are your favorite accessories/tools to use when doing a DIY project?
It must be my brushes and the staple gun. With those tools you can can create all kinds of magic.
4. What do you think are some interesting trends to follow up in vintage shopping?
Right now I will absolutely go for crafts, old suitcases and vintage school posters. When it comes to furniture almost everything can be made amazing with a new twist. I always look for nice shapes that can come forward with a new colour and some new accessories. Pinewood furniture is cheap to buy and easy to paint.
So we hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as we did! Saw something that you like? The upholstered stool is available for auction starting February 1st, with all profits going to the Salvation Army's social work. 
Sponsored by: Fredells Byggvaruhus, Stockholm
In collaboration with: Myrorna, swedish second hand store
Creative hands: Interior Designer Ida Hansson

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Ida Hansson

Ida Hansson


Scandinavian design is amazing! And we’re not just saying that because we are swedish. We represent the simplicity yet uniqueness of a worldwide phenomenon that Ida Hansson also decided to explore in her own creative style. So say hello to flea market finds or as we swedes know it loppis and enjoy the mix and match that will brighten up your home.


Website: www.nordicremake.se

Instagram: @nordic_remake

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