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From old to brand new in a day!

Published on 01/20/2017 Contributor: Ida Hansson

Forget about throwing out old dusty furniture. Upcycling is in people! And it's gonna be a must have in 2017. So, check out this cool makeover project. Ida took an old family piece and saw in it a new and happy kid room storage unit. Plus, it comes with a rich history of family stories so it was the perfect weekend project.

Her grandfather build this cabinet in the 50's so needless to say it needed a little pick me up.

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The cool bright color on the inside of the cabinet is actually its original one. So there is a little bit of the 50's still in there.

And voila! The end result is a bright and totally scandinavian inspired piece that is as unique as the story behind it.

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Ida Hansson

Ida Hansson


Scandinavian design is amazing! And we’re not just saying that because we are swedish. We represent the simplicity yet uniqueness of a worldwide phenomenon that Ida Hansson also decided to explore in her own creative style. So say hello to flea market finds or as we swedes know it loppis and enjoy the mix and match that will brighten up your home.


Website: www.nordicremake.se

Instagram: @nordic_remake

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