19. März 2020

Short on space? These super easy and budget-friendly storage solutions are the best IKEA storage hacks ever! With a little DIY skills, these inexpensive pieces will totally look high-end! These clever money saving storage hacks totally transform any room.


Let’s start off with a simple and versatile IKEA hack. There are endless of ways to personalise your Bestå! With some creativity you can make it an original piece which looks way more expensive that it actually is, simply by changing the knobs and leg. For example this amazing easy DIY project with our Maj knobs and Elsie legs.

Step 1: An Ikea Bestå. 
Use the Ikea Bestå with grey fronts to recreate this look.

Step 2: Remove the original knobs and legs.
If your buying the Bestå new, this Ikea Hack is even easier, simply not attach the legs and knobs.

Step 3: Add our Maj knobs to the IKEA cabinet.  
Our MAJ KNOBS have a universal fitting and can be added just as easy as the original knobs! Just drill a hole and screw them on. To recreate this look, place the knobs on the left corners of the doors.

Step 4: Add our golden Elsie legs to your Bestå.
Since the Bestå cabinet do not have any predrilled M8-holes, you just attach our universal fitting plate (included) and then fasten the golden ELSIE LEGS. Easy as pie! 



This genius IKEA hack add loads of needed storage in the nursery. We love the natural look @lena_living created! What do you need? Three Ikea IVAR cabinets and some plywood.Matching it with our Otto and Sigrid legs in white makes the space interesting with contrasting silhouettes. 

Step 1: Three IVAR cabinets.
For this hack you need two standard IVARS and one IVAR with draws.  

Step 2: Measure the IKEA cabinet. 
Measure your changing pad (usually 70cm, 28 inches) and the width of the IVAR cabinet. You can either cut some plywood in these measurements yourself or have them custom-made at the hardware store.

Step 3: Make DIY changing table safe. 
You also need to add two sides to the cabinet, so you bay wont roll off the changing table. The measurements are 70x10cm (28x4 inches).

Step 4: Secure all pieces. 
Secure the changing table to your IVAR cabinet with flat connectors. Also secure the other IVAR to the IVAR with drawers with the flat connectors.

Step 5: Add our furniture legs!
Now it time to add our legs! Since the IVAR cabinet do not have any predrilled holes, you can use the fitting plates included in your Prettypegs order. Add the white SIGRID LEGS to the storage IVAR and the white OTTO LEGS to your new DIY changing table. Now your natural nursery look is competed, easy right?

IKEA Ivar Hack with furniture legs


Having stylish storage space doesn’t have to be a pricy investment. You can repurpose your vintage (or old) IKEA pieces with this simple hack. Some paint and new knobs can go a long way! Be creative and think outside the box for a personalised look. Like @scandinaviangrey did with some grey paint and our Frank handles. Doesn’t it look brand new?

Step 1: Repurpose your old IKEA cabinet. 
Re-painting can go a long way! Go for a stylish colour for an updated look, such as this grey cabinet.

Step 2: DIY Ikea furniture. 
In this hack our FRANK HANDLES where uses. They are easy to apply, just screw them on. Give a brand new look to an old IKEA cabinet!


This IVAR cabinet hack is perfect if you lack space! The high legs make a room appear much bigger, while also adding a chique and sophisticated look. Little DIY skills are needed, just mill the door and paint them white, then add our Estelle 480 white legs like @15rum did.

Step 1: IVAR cabinet DIY. 
Mil the doors and paint the entire IVAR cabinet white.

Step 2: Add high legs to your IKEA cabinet. 
For this Hack the ESTELLE 480 in white were used for an sophisticated look. Since the IVAR cabinet do not have any predrilled holes, you can use the fitting plates included in your Prettypegs order.

IKEA Ivar Hack with Prettypegs


Can you believe this was once an IKEA IVAR? With a little creativity, this once simple cabinet looks totally unique! Recycle it with some rattan doors and paint it in the same colour as the walls to recreate @ninalindbs look!

Step 1: IKEA IVAR cabinet. 
For this Ikea hack the IVAR cabinet is used.

Step 2: DIY the doors.
The next step requires a jigsaw to cut out part of the doors. Leave about 10cm (4 inches) of the doors to attach the rattan to. Make sure to measure and outline the part you are going to saw for an even result!

Step 3. Paint the IVAR cabinet. 
Now paint you DIY project in any colour you want. We recommend to use the same colour of your walls to recreate this exact look.

Step 4: Rattan Cabinet Hack.  
You need rattan plates which can be found at the hardwood store, and a stapler for this step. Cut the rattan a little bigger than the holes in the doors, so you can staple them to the inside of the doors. Make sure you have small staples, so they cannot be seen when the doors are closed.

Step 4. Finishing touches.
To finish off the look, use our SIGRID LEGS. This is the easy part! The IVAR has no predrilled holes, thus adding our pegs is just as easy as adding any other leg.

IKEA Ivar with Rattan Doors


This money saving hack will totally transform any room! The IKEA Fore is the ultimate organiser but can look a bit plain. By painting it green, adding some details to the doors and adding our OTTO legs, this once cheap piece looks high-end! Thanks to hacking and DIY pro @kajsavisual for the inspiration.

Step 1. IKEA Fore.
For this hack the Ikea Fore is needed. The right door should be taken off. If new, just leave the door in the packaging.

Step 2. Add details to the Ikea closet. 
You need a few thin timber rails and some wood glue to adjust them to the doors. Be creative with your design, measure how long you want each square to be. Either saw the rails the correct size yourself or go get them custom made at the hardware store.

Step 3. Re-paint the Fore. 
Painting this DIY project brings it to another level! Go for a dark colour for a chique, high-end design. In this hack a colour similar to our Otto legs was used for a coordinated look.

Step 4. Finish the hack with our Otto legs.
As a finishing touch, add our OTTO LEGS. The legs come with universal fitting plates so you can easily add them. Et voila!

IKEA Storage with Prettypegs


If you love easy IKEA Hacks this is the one for you! This DIY transforms this IKEA Malm dresser completely, but is easy to achieve. Thanks @scandinaciangrey for this amazing hack.

Step 1: An Ikea Malm. 
This IKEA Hack is for the popular Malm dresser. You can use every size of the Malm you want.

Step 2: Paint the Malm Dresser. 
Repaint the dresser in any colour you like. To recreate this look, use the same colour as the walls.

Step 3: Add knobs to your hack. 
To finish of this easy hack, change the knobs of the IKEA MALM to our BODIL KNOBS.

IKEA Malm dresser


Personalise your walk-in closet with this Ikea hack. Transform the IKEA PS drawers to this chique cabinet, making it look much more expensive than it actually is! This hack is an easy DIY which everybody can do.

Step 1. Paint your Ikea PS. 
Paint the IKEA PS drawers with white pigmented hardwax oil.

Step 2. Add knobs to the hack. 
After this, you won’t recognize your DIY project as the Ikea PS anymore! Attach the BODIL KNOBS, which almost function as a piece of jewelry; adding a luxury feel to every piece of furniture.

Step 3. DIY cabinet. 
Attach two of our ESTELLE 700 legs to the front of the Ikea PS, in order to make it a cabinet.

Step 4. Mount to the wall. 
The final step!  Mount your DIY to the mall et voila!



This super easy hack adds just the little spice the IKEA KALLAX needs. To recreate @willowstyleco’s DIY project follow the step-by-step below!

Step 1: Change the original KALLAX knobs. 
Changing the knobs if very easy, just screw them on! Adding our BODIL KNOBS adds just the right luxury to every piece of furniture.

Step 2: Replace the legs of your IKEA cabinet. 
Since the Kallax cabinets do not have predrilled holes, adding the legs is quite easy. Just attach the fittings which are included to fasten our HEDVIG ARCH pegs.



This is one unexpected IKEA IVAR Hack. You need to look a second to realise this amazing DIY project was once a simple Ikea Ivar wooden storage unit. With this step-by-step you got yourself a beautiful, unique and affordable side cabinet. Thank you @15rum for this creative design!

Step 1:  Custom Ivar cabinet doors. 
Have the IKEA IVAR cabinets imprinted in your favourite pattern by a carpenter. Or if you are very handy, do it yourself!

Step 2: Replace the legs.
Add the Prettypegs RAW, the ESTELLE 700S.

Step 3: Paint the IVAR
Paint the entire IVAR and the pegs in your favourite colour. To recreate this hack, choose an elegant silver shade. Mixing metals is in! The interesting mix between the golden accent of our pegs and the silver cabinet will give a totally unique look. 



Wir sind stolz darauf, an der Spitze eines neuen Designelements im Bereich der Inneneinrichtung zu stehen: Möbelfüße! Dieses grundlegende Detail wurde viel zu lange beiseite geschoben und erhält nun die Aufmerksamkeit, die es verdient. WWir bei Prettypegs haben eine Leidenschaft für Details und Design und wissen, wie sehr ein einzigartiges Accessoire, wie ein Schmuckstück oder ein Schuh, die Persönlichkeit aufwerten kann. Dasselbe gilt für Möbel.