Please check if your furniture has pre-drilled holes for a 8 millimeter bolt (M8). If not - Just choose our option Universal Plate on the right column on each product page - to attach your new Pegs.

Are you going to use the legs for an IKEA furniture? 

Then the following IKEA models will fit perfect with the enclosed “M8” bolts.

FOOTSTOOLS: Karlstad, Karlsfors, Klippan, Strandmon, Stocksund, Skee, Söderhamn, Ystad, Landskrona, Dagarn

BEDS: Stavanger, Skotterud, Skårer, Snarum

If your IKEA furniture doesn't have threads for M8 bolts, just choose our option Universal Fitting Plate to attach your new Pegs.  

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Kurt 300

  • Teak finish
    Teak finish
  • Ash natural
    Ash natural
  • Height: 300 mm / 11,8 inches
  • M8-bolt
  • M8 + Universal Plate

$ 15 / 4 Legs


Out Of Stock

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Sharp and elegant, Kurt furniture leg puts your sofa, bed or storage furniture on a pidestal.

HEIGHT - 300mm / 11,81 inches 

TOP WIDTH - 64mm / 2,36 inches 


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Kristin H. 14th Feb 2017. Drammen, Norway
Perfect match!
Kathryn S. 11th Feb 2017. New york, United States
Great on our IKEA expedit
Anna T. 20th Dec 2016. Uppsala, Sweden
Dessa sängben är supersnygga och av högsta kvalitet! Nu får jag inte bara plats med förvaring under sängen - jag tycker dessutom att nattsömnen förbättras sedan jag kom upp en bit från marken. Toppbetyg!
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