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Prettypegs “RAW” Collection

Realizing that a bit of imagination, small details and some colour can make a huge difference - sparked off this new creative collection. With a unique selection of untreated legs we’re making it easy to create a big impact by small means.

Choose between 8 Prettypegs models that you can paint in the colour of your choice. (paint is not included)

So, why not paint your old IKEA-drawer and your Prettypegs in the same colour as the wall, or create a table from a wooden board, a set of Prettypegs and your favourite colour!

This is how easy it is:

1. Prettypegs RAW-collection does not need to be sand papered before painting (if you are painting other furniture that is painted or lacquered, the surface needs to be rugged).

2. First paint your Prettypegs with a carpentry base paint.

3. Then paint twice with a carpentry paint in your chosen colour.

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