DIY - Do It Yourself

Furniture legs for all kinds of furniture

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DIY - Do It Yourself

Furniture legs for all kinds of furniture

Prettypegs offer replacement wooden legs for your interior that adds colour and character to all kind of furniture - regardless of manufacturer. 

The furniture legs combine simplistic Scandinavian design with colourful playfulness. 

In other words, an unexpected accessory that adds a little extra to both the furniture and the home in general. Prettypegs furniture legs DIY come in a number of models, colours and sizes.

To sum up: we see furniture legs as an accessory that makes all the difference. - Just like fabulous shoes for your DIY furniture!

Do It Yourself - DIY
Our ambition is to offer an affordable, fun and simple way to create a more personal home. We are becoming more creative and independent and takes us therefore the challenge to on our own create such a home as possible. 

So what can be better than to roll your DIY project further - with a stylish pair of legs

Accessorize your home
The fact is - the accessories make all the difference - regardless if it´s shoes, headphones or for that matter table legs. It’s the small details that make our homes personal and that tells who we are. By adding colourful legs to your self-molded table top or home made headboard, you can easily achieve that last personal touch - in the same way as favourite shoes ties together and lift any outfit. So - put on your Prettypegs and shine!

To mount legs for DIY furniture is really easy. Just attach the included M8-bolts to the legs and then screw the leg into your furnitures 8mm pre-drilled holes. For furnitures that do not have holes for M8 bolts, simply choose our Universal Fitting Plate for an easy mounting experience.

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