Please check if your furniture has pre-drilled holes for a 8 millimeter bolt (M8). If not - Just choose our option Universal Plate on the right column on each product page - to attach your new Pegs.

Are you going to use the legs for an IKEA furniture? 

Then following IKEA models will fit perfect with the enclosed “M8” bolt.

CANAPÉS: Karlstad, Klippan, Karlsfors, Klobo, Mysinge, Ektorp, Söderhamn, Solsta, Ljungvik, Sandby, Oleby, Tidafors, Vaxholm, Härnösand, Skogaby, Stockholm (up to 3 seat), Säter, Ystad, Landskrona, Dagarn, Norsborg

FAUTEUILS: Mellby, Tullsta, Solsta-Olarp, Karlstad, Karlsfors, Strandmon, Ekenäs, Muren, Skogaby, Söderhamn, Ystad, Landskrona

REPOSE-PIEDS: Karlstad, Karlsfors, Klippan, Strandmon, Stocksund, Skee, Söderhamn, Ystad, Landskrona, Dagarn

MEUBLES: Bestå series

LITS: Stavanger, Skotterud, Skårer, Snarum

If your IKEA furniture doesn't have threads for M8 bolts, just choose our option Universal Plate to attach your new Pegs.  

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Kurt 230

  • Black
  • Teak finish
    Teak finish
  • Ash natural
    Ash natural
  • Height: 230 mm
  • M8-bolt
  • M8 + Universal Plate

17 € / 4 Pieds


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Vif et élégant, le pied de meuble Kurt met votre meuble, votre sofa ou votre lit sur un piédestal.

HEIGHT - 230mm / 9,05 inches 

TOP WIDTH - 55mm / 2,16 inches 


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Daniela R. 1st Apr 2016. Hollenthon, Österreich
Very pretty!
Miriam K. 21st Mar 2016. Köln, Deutschland
Fits perfect, not really crazy but that was what we wanted. Now our Couch is the same level as our chairs
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