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Universal Fitting Plate

The plates are used for attaching the legs on furniture without pre-drilled M8 holes. The plate fits most corner frames and flat surfaces and can be attached to furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds, storage furniture etc. 12mm screws included.

Check underneath your furniture to see if it is possible to mount screws (length 12 mm). They should be fastened directly into the corners of the frame, so make sure there is enough space and depth and that the material is flat and suitable to attach screws.
If the material is porous it could be necessary to use longer and thicker screws. Installing requires a screwdriver (12 mm screws are included).

1 - Fasten the plate with small screws in the corners of the furniture. 2 - Screw the bolt down in the peg - until it sticks out about 6 mm. 3 - Attach your pegs at the Universal plate by hand.

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